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Try A New Use For...
■ Stop wraps from unravelling in your lunch box by holding them together with a toothpick. ■ Having trouble cleaning out the leftover garlic from your press? Use a toothpick to help push out the stubborn bits. ■ Squeeze a little bit of superglue on a
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3 Dirty Truths Revealed !
This is actually one of the cleaner surfaces, with about 8000 bacteria per square centimetre. (Remember, not all bacteria will be ‘bad’.) With around 56,000 bacteria per square centimetre, these definitely aren’t the cleanest things in your home, but
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Did You Know…?
There’s something called the Buy Nothing Project where people literally give things away for free! There’s no buying, selling or trading – just giving and lending within communities. Pay them a visit at buynothingproject. org and join up to the group