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The Village Well

The Village Well in the simplest terms is a local lending organisation, similar to a bank. It’s an alternative to putting money with one of the big banks. As we know, banks take the money you deposit, give you a small return, and then lend that money to other organisations, or people, and charge them interest. So if you deposit $5000, you might get one percent return on it, then they’ll

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The Original Philosophy of Flow
We have stopped. A pandemic encircles the world. Many of us are either partially or entirely isolated, keeping our distances. The planes are mostly grounded, the non-essential stores are closed. The hospitals are filled with people who are sick and d
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Local Goodness
People around the world are re-imagining how they live and interact with one another in their local communities. From sharing resources and convening around planning ideas to showing up for each other in times of crisis, the following communities are
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Walking into the elaborate urban experiment that is Holzmarkt, a sign over the entrance declares, “Big dreams need space and courageous investors.” In the fast-changing social and economic landscape of Berlin, it has miraculously achieved both. Holzm