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The Coalition of Everyone

Around the world, our democracies are failing us. They’re making rules the majority of people don’t agree with, creating ever-widening divides of inequality, and barely meeting minimum standards of transparency and accountability.

Here in Australia, we vote every three years and then, for the most part, we wait and see what happens. We protest when things go really wrong, but usually we’re not invited or encouraged to have a say in the decisions being made for our communities.

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Dumbo Feather8 min letti
The Power of Going Local
Local. A simple concept with the potential to change the world. The antidote to consumer capitalism. The key to solving our seemingly endless ecological crises. A guiding principle to take us back home: to community, to the natural world, and to pros
Dumbo Feather3 min letti
The Village Well
The Village Well in the simplest terms is a local lending organisation, similar to a bank. It’s an alternative to putting money with one of the big banks. As we know, banks take the money you deposit, give you a small return, and then lend that money
Dumbo Feather1 min letti
Local Goodness
People around the world are re-imagining how they live and interact with one another in their local communities. From sharing resources and convening around planning ideas to showing up for each other in times of crisis, the following communities are