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Create a healthy garden

VERYTHING is burgeoning in our gardens and there is a sense of optimism in the air. Warmer days with a little rain make this the best season for gardening and we are looking forward to a year of glorious

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Mole Menace
■ We are entering the peak season of mole activity, when they build their subterranean dens (or ‘fortresses’) for breeding. ■ Moles are a nuisance – two springs ago our lawn looked like the Andes – but they are easy to send packing with deterrent pow
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Bark Ringing Technique
NO matter how well you plan, sometimes you face the situation where a fruit tree just grows too big for its allotted space. Pruning the branches back can make matters worse, because the more you prune, the more you help stimulate it into growth. Ther
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The Bird Buffet
WE spend a lot of time watching the birds on and around the feeding station, because we have a clear view through our kitchen window. It’s better than daytime television, and we get more arrivals and departures than Heathrow – in a normal year, that