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Sharp-eyed Always focus on the subject’s eyes. Select a single AF point and lock AF on the leading eye to ensure you achieve perfect focus every time.

When it comes to travel photography, a 50mm lens is one of the most useful optics you can have

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Create A Street Photography Look
FILE & VIDEO My name isn’t Henri, and my surname doesn’t even rhyme with Cartier-Bresson. That doesn’t stop me from engaging in street photography from time to time. Once you’ve got your settings down, street photogra
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Going For Gold
How you choose to finish an image can put a clear stamp on your whole portfolio. Some people prefer colder images, while others like a warm tone to finish. Where skin is a priority, I like a natural or warmer feel for the subject. Here I’m using a gr
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Tech Check Image noise
What is image noise? What we call image noise is nothing more than a degradation in image quality, signified by blotches of colour or ugly variations in tonal brightness. It’s often more obvious in the darker tones of an image. What is it caused by?