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BEFORE there were pharmacies where you could buy over-the-counter medicine such as aspirin and vitamins, as well as prescription medication, people relied on medicines found in nature. Instead of

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You South Africa3 min lettiBiology
The Structure Of Our Bones Part 1 Of 2
IF HUMAN beings had no bones, we would flop around like rag dolls. Bones give our bodies shape as well as support ing us and protecting our organs. Without bones – and the muscles, joints and connective tissue attached to them – we wouldn’t be able t
You South Africa3 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
The Big Chill
Scrumptious best describes this soup. SERVES 4-6 PREPARATION: 15 MIN COOKING: 20-30 MIN. 1,2kg beetroot (8-10 large beets), peeled and sliced into quarters1 small butternut, peeled and cubed2 cinnamon sticks1L (4c) chicken stock250ml (1c) freshly
You South Africa1 min letti
Five Quick Questions
1〉 The main court of the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne is named after which former Aussie player? 2〉 Which Asian capital city used to be called Peking? 3〉 To which African country does this flag belong? 4〉 Pho is the traditional dish of whic