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Smooth Operator
They say you can’t fight fire with fire but when it comes to oil, it’s a completely different story. Even though most people are sceptical about using oil on the skin, the truth is, oil fights oil! Meaning if you have oily skin, you can still use oil
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How To Plan For A Financial Crisis
A sudden loss of income, an accident or dread disease could all throw you into crisis mode and ruin your finances. However, there are ways you can help cushion the blow next time there’s a financial crisis. Here are a few tips from analyst, Wendy Mak
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How To Enter
Go to womenofthefuture. and do the following: 1. Supply your full name, contact details (including email address) and date of birth. 2. Upload a recent photograph and/or video of yourself. 3. Answer the questions relating to your business.