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I have a confession to make: I have this love of fried chicken that borders on obsession.

That moment when a perfectly fried joint of bird has that crunch and is seasoned just right, the herbs and spices so perfectly balanced. It leaves me spellbound.

It transports me – a moment of happiness in an otherwise maddening pursuit of perfecting my craft.

That feeling you get when you cook a piece just so, spending the time preparing everything just perfect, the spices tried and tested, each gram measured and freshly ground, the flour sifted and sifted again, making it as light as possible before folding through the spices, never rushing.

Then there’s that sound, that moment you drop a piece of chicken ready to fry into a bubbling and sizzling skillet.

That rhythmic sound of the spoon against the side of the skillet as you baste the chicken is music to your ears, carefully counting each time the hot lard is spooned over each piece – always basting, always watching until the joints turn perfectly

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Editor’s Letter
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