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7 Aunt and son play around Devon club (7)

8 Cost of being Open Champion in 1994 (5)

9 He won the US Open in 1976, aged 22 (4)

10 Names hot tip at Hampshire course (8)

11 Reasonable distance to short grass (7)

13 No par made

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Golf Monthly6 min letti
Easy Does It
It’s hard to imagine Fred Couples feeling like he doesn’t belong. Here’s a man who rolls out of bed, pulls on a smart shirt, strides on to the first tee and effortlessly crunches one down the middle. However, he’s not always been so relaxed. Believe
Golf Monthly1 min letti
The Game
2006 Year Kevin started photographing golf courses 474 Courses shot worldwide, not including return visits 14 Different cameras purchased since 2008 78 Number of airports visited by Kevin 1, 076 Golf photography projects worked on since January 2006
Golf Monthly2 min letti
TaylorMade Truss Putters £269
By adding more stability through their unusual design, the idea with the Truss putters is that they’ll reduce the effect of mishits. So, poorly struck putts should start closer to your intended start line and lose less speed. We felt this was certain