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Vee writes our ‘What my mother never told me’ column (page 32). She has written for national newspapers and magazines in the UK and South Africa. In her column, she draws on her life experience and shares her wisdom, often learned the hard way and wi
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2 Notice How Parts Of You Interact
IFS BORROWS ITS LOGIC FROM family therapy and focuses on the relationships individual parts have with each other. To understand ourselves, it is not enough to delve into one part in isolation. Parts bicker about the best way to serve us. They collude
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“I Don’t Know How To Handle My Housemate’s Moodiness”
Q I live with two other people – one I barely see and the other is quite unpleasant. It’s not so much what she says, but her tone and manner. She can be short with me and then, a few hours later, she can be friendly and nice again. The change can be