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Build and organise a Kanban board

Project management is a tricky skill. What can start out as a relatively simple task can spiral out of hand when you get underway and discover new angles, fresh requirements and who knows what else. It’s hard enough managing a project on your own, but what if your project involves other people, too?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a project for personal or work purposes, these days the recommend approach to project management is an Agile one. Agile allows for frequent changes to the spec – both minor and major – and aims to prioritise delivery of the project in manageable chunks.

There are various forms of Agile project management available, and we’re focusing on Kanban in this tutorial – see the box for a detailed description. The logic behind a Kanban board is that it provides an overview of both the project process and its progress, encouraging you to pull tasks from the board when you’re in a position to allocate time to them rather than the other way round.

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You Need
Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 400 (one unit per room) 8GB (or larger) microSD card, U3 cards recommended. One per room 3.5 mm audio cables Amplified speakers or a receiver with 3.5mm/phono audio input Power supplies for your Raspberry Pis Optional
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Escape Google Photos
We’re lazy around here, so there’s nothing more we like than a good ol’ GUI-based administration console. Still using Internet Explorer? Of course you’re not, so we look at the big-name, full-fat web browsers to power your daily browsing. It’s the fa
Linux Format1 min lettiComputers
Making Sense Of The Copy Mode
You can enter the copy mode in any Byobu screen or split pane by pressing Alt+PgUp. You’ll notice that you can now use the arrow keys to freely move through all the text on the current pane. To select text, first press Space and then use the arrow k