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Being of an adventurous disposition, I am in the habit every year of wading out among the rocks at low spring tide with a

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Shooting Times & Country3 min letti
Keeper Of The Month
As plumes of smoke billowed from the rearing field beside his new home, Matt Tipping might have wondered how his first year on a new shoot could possibly get any worse. At the time, he’d have had little idea that COVID-19’s campaign would unfold quit
Shooting Times & Country2 min letti
Field Test
The 6.5mm Creedmoor is a versatile cartridge suitable for fox, small species deer and red deer in Scotland. So the lighter Federal 95-gr with a chronographed velocity of 3,150fps, 1,994ft/lb energy and 0.85in groups would be a great all-rounder in En
Shooting Times & Country5 min letti
Is That Fizzing Redleg Sporting Or Too High?
“I’d rather be sporting than just put stuff on the ground,” the end Gun muttered as the horn sounded and his neighbour’s old cocker bumbled over to where the first of her master’s redlegs lay dead. I was on the flank of the beating line, from where I