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Should Reloading Rules Be Broken?

SOME handloaders take reloading rules as gospel and take great care to ensure that their reloads are assembled with the utmost care, while others almost totally ignore them. Is it possible that doing the opposite to what the experts recommend has no effect on a hunting load’s safety, accuracy and performance?

Once, when my mates and I stopped hunting to take a break for a lunch break, our appetites satisfied someone started talking about hand-loading and one guy took out a handful of .270 Win.ammo, giving to to me to inspect.

Apart from the cases being discoloured and scratched, they looked like any other .270 handloads until I checked the headstamps. The mix of Remington, Winchester, Norma and Sellier & Bellot made me do a double take.

“Have you ever struck any problems from mixing different brands of cases?” I asked him. "Hell No," he snorted, rearing back offended. "That’s all a lot of bunkum about using the same brand of brass. I don't care who makes my cases, or whether they've been fired in my own rifle or other peoples. Brass is brass,

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