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Good things come in threes

Sometimes we get a bit of a shock when we glance in the mirror – where did those wrinkles and grey hairs come from? We’d all like to look younger and more vibrant, but cosmetic enhancements like Botox or even expensive pills and potions aren’t for everyone. Luckily, there’s a more natural way to look more youthful, and that’s by focusing on the Beauty Trinity – the combination of your soul, health and inner beauty. Pay attention to all three, and your outer self will look radiant and lovely too!


The most important part of the Beauty Trinity is your soul, which provides the foundation for

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According to current government guidance, most COVID-19 regulations should be relaxed on 21 June. But as ever, rules can change, so always check the current status quo before booking anything! • Ever wanted to make your own witchcraft supplies and a