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Which is the most spiritual star sign?

1. Sagittarius

Jupiter-ruled Archers are all about the bigger picture, faith, philosophy and spirituality.

2. Scorpio

The most intense of all

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Did You Know?
Before the invention of the printing press, medieval scribes often took months or even years to painstakingly write a book by hand. So it’s little wonder that they protected their precious works with curses, threatening anyone stealing or damaging th
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Ruled by Mercury• Element: Air• Quality: mutable
SYMBOL: The Twins MYTH: Castor and Pollux DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday COLOUR: Yellow BODY PART: Hands, arms and lungs METAL: Mercury GEMSTONE: Pearl, emerald HERBS: Parsley, anise, dill FOOD: Fresh fruits and veg such as asparagus and figs CAREE
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The Chillout Zone
Carefully crafted from woven bamboo fibre, Annabel James’ collection of four Wanderflower Sheet Masks aren’t just for the face – they’re for the eyes, hands and feet, too. Suitable for  all skin types, and inspired by the natural virtues of roses, al