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January Jones has hers with vinegar and unspeakable amounts of salt and baking soda. Madonna’s is sprinkled with rose petals. Yes, the humble bath is making a comeback.

It seems quick showers have been overtaken by luxurious bubble baths during the coronavirus pandemic, and have become an easy way to help practise self-care during quarantine.

Celebrity Instagram posts aside, it’s never been more important to focus on our mental health and wellbeing. While retreating to a day spa might be

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Q&A with Lipstick Nick
WHAT DOES ‘BEAUTY’ MEAN FOR YOU? Beauty to me is something you can’t technically see; you just feel it from someone. Which is ironic because I work in the ‘beauty industry’, but to me the word means so much more than just cosmetics or outer appearanc
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The Ultimate DIY Blowout
Whether you’re working from home and want to glam up your conference-call wardrobe, or simply have plenty of time on your hands, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an easy faux salon DIY blow-dry. First up, make sure you shampoo your hair twice.
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Q. Tell us how the Medik8 12 Weeks to WOW program works. A. In the same way you might visit a personal trainer for fitness, Medik8 offers you 12 weeks of personalised, intensive training for your skin, which includes eight appointments and six profes