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The sun is finally shining. It has been the hottest April that I can remember for a long time. My birthday is usually a great occasion round Easter time, with lots of friends and family surrounding me.

This year, I spent it sitting in front of a webcam and waving. How life has changed. It’s all very surreal. Conditions have been perfect for heading out shooting, yet all I can do is watch pigeons float

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Shooting Times & Country2 min letti
My laptop is a monument to impending obsolescence. It is a grimy, coffee-stained repository of outdated and unsupported software. I cheerfully blame it for every single IT thing that goes wrong, even when the fault is operator error. My family bought
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Don’t Fall Foul Of The Fool’s Watercress
For so familiar and welcome a food as watercress, collecting it from the wild can easily become a lethal enterprise. Historically, there has always been the concern about the owner of the land on which it was growing taking exception and chasing the
Shooting Times & Country2 min letti
Certificate Holders Faced With ‘Postcode Lottery’, Says BASC
Cambridgeshire Police has emerged as the country’s best-performing firearms licensing team, while Durham Police is at the bottom of the league table, according to new figures from BASC. The three top-performing forces — Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire a