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Sauced-Up Sirloin Steaks
MANY COOKS WILL tell you that the key to a truly magnificent pan sauce is the fond: those browned, caramelized bits that stick to the skillet floor. But I prefer flavorful browning that stays on the meat rather than adheres to the pan. So I reach for
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Chicken and Spinach Rice
IT’S A COLD, wet night after a hectic day at work. Even so, I’m starting to get excited for dinner because I know it’s chicken and rice tonight. Maybe it’s because I grew up eating an unbelievably simple and comforting version my mom made (literally
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Salmon Piccata
PICCATA SAUCE—a simple but powerful mix of lemon, capers, white wine, and butter—is most often served over floured-and-seared chicken or veal cutlets. But this bold sauce is a great match (and foil) for salmon’s rich, full flavor. I wanted to develop