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Set a timer, then perform the exercises in order. Do four one-minute intervals of each move, doing reps for 40 seconds, then resting for 20 seconds. Focus on form, even if it costs you a few reps each interval.

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Mind Over Matter
Fifteen per cent of the population suffers from serious dental anxiety. A study published in the Journal of Physiology found that when dental-phobes were hypnotised they had reduced activation in the areas of the brain associated with fear. Hypnosis
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Virus Bustingfoods
Gor for 5-10 daily serves for their phytochemical punch. Water is crucial in flushing out germs. Think you’re getting enough? Drink an extra 1-2 glasses daily. Probiotic foods, like yoghurt, boost immunity and may diminish illness severity. Red, o
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Take Remote Control
EVER FEEL LIKE you live at the office? In this, the era of social distancing, an entire workforce has become swiftly acquainted with the oft-dreaded, more oft-embraced concept of working from home. The standard for corporate attire has plummeted from