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MOST LIVE-IN couples settle into a weekday pattern of parting ways in the morning for about 10 hours, leaving just evenings and weekends to savour each other’s company. And for a lot of pairings, that level of togetherness feels just

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Gifts Galore
Naturalistic intelligence You have acute outdoor sensibilities and a strong connection with nature. Musical intelligence You have a talent for identifying pitch, rhythm and timbre. Logical/mathematical intelligence You’re adept at deduction and
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Home Is Where The Kick-start Is
CLEAR A SPACE in your living room and find a sweat towel. For this no-equipment kilojoule burner, follow an “every minute, on the minute” format: at the start of each minute, you’ll begin an exercise and work for either 20 seconds (beginner), 30 seco
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Old-school Elixirs
There were superfoods long before turmeric lattes – don’t let the old ways die This UK pub classic is, in effect, concentrated collagen, so your go-to snack could be responsible for that post-pub skin glow. That, or the pale ale. Don’t scoff at you