Out for lunch


It’s 1pm on a Wednesday – where are you right now? Sitting on a park bench, enjoying the sunshine? Or eating out of Tupperware at your desk again? According to a 2018 survey by job search website CareerJunction, only a third of South Africans take a lunch break – despite the fact that 55% of the people surveyed had 60 minutes a day for lunch. In fact, only 5% use their full hour; the average time SA employees take for lunch is 24,5 minutes.

The vast majority (67%) eat at their desk while they work – or browse the internet for a few minutes. A fifth skip lunch altogether, and 35% felt they were chained to their desks – they only ever get up to go to the bathroom.

Why are we so averse to grabbing a sandwich and eating it outside? It may have something to do with workload: 73% said

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