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Chest gains

ne ordinary day at his job crafting titanium knee implants for an orthopaedic company turned very scary, very quickly for Johnathan Fuller. Out of nowhere, he broke out in a profuse sweat. Moments later, a sharp pain shot through his chest. “I was in so much pain”, he says, “I fell down on my

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Body Book
Build a body that’s more than just a big slab of meat. Our three-day, ready-for-anything program (next page) is the ultimate combo of traditional lifts, hybrid modifications, and endurance challenges. Trim the extra fat — and keep it off — with our l
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Nutrition Breakthroughs
Love broccoli or hate it, you’ll probably be wanting more of it once you read this. Packed with tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant phytonutrients that help you stay fit and trim, broccoli also contains niacin (alias “vitamin B3”), which help
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Forever Fuel
Can you eat your way to a long life? People in a handful of regions across the globe apparently do. Author Dan Buettner identified seven so-called “blue zones” — places where residents often live past 100 — and analysed the factors that may explain i