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The Winter WARRIOR
If you’re headed to a social event and don’t want to have to beat the cold off with a stick, a denim shirt should be your number one go-to! In our sunny climate not ever y day will require numerous layers to stay warm and t-shirts will always serve y
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The Calliet Way
Corey’s cutting-edge training style, known as “The Calliet Way”, pulls from athletic strength and conditioning techniques and professional bodybuilding fundamentals. His methodology focuses on shaping the desired aesthetic for his clients while deepl
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How To Calculate Your Fitness Age
Where are you from? Ethnicity? Highest level of education? WISLØFF S AYS: “We use that only for research purposes so we can compare Norway, USA, Japan, etc, and different ethnicities — none of this is used in the algorithm.” RODIO’S TAKE: I type in “