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Hempcrete The green building revolution

Have you ever looked at a skip on a building site, overfilled with ‘rubbish’, and wondered where does it all come from, where does it all go? Or do you always spot a pile of offcut pieces of timber, perfect for repurposing something… but it makes your blood boil knowing it’s just getting dumped in landfill!

The building industry is one of the most wasteful, toxic and carbon-intensive industries in the world. The materials we are using are mostly petrochemical based and have detrimental effects to the land and our own health. Yet we use them to build the homes we live, work and raise our families in.


Most people are conscious of how inefficient the industry has become and understand it’s time to make radical changes. But where to even start when our entire civilisation is built on fossil fuels, and our planet is now

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More plant biodiversity means less need for pesticides, a new study has found. This confirms the experience of organic farmers and gardeners. Increasing plant diversity naturally controls plant-eating insects in grasslands, according to a study led b
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Glyphosate And Your Pets
There is plenty of evidence that glyphosate is harmful to mammals, including dogs, cats, rodents and humans. Protecting our family pets is one of the many reasons Soil & Health wants to limit glyphosate-based herbicides in public spaces in Aotearoa N