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Kestrel continued to improve on their innovative weather reading units. The 2700 is a little unit that incorporates the same basic abilities as larger models – such as the 5700 – but in a simpler package which makes for a quicker-to-use shot calculator.

Rather than entering the

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Hound Decisions
Up to about 15 years ago, the thought of using a tracking dog for deer, let alone having an organisation concerned with such things, was unthinkable in the UK. A possible reason for this was strict import rules for dogs. They had to remain in quarant
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Going Under Grand
The Frontier range of rifle scopes offers a wide choice of models boasting supreme accuracy for all hunting applications. The all-new H7 optics offer high-grade, lowdispersion crown glass with 21-layer fully multi-coated lenses. There’s also a choice
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Buck Hit List
We were still in lockdown during the early part of May 2020 and whilst things were starting to start to ease south of the border, here in Scotland there was no change. We had hoped that we might be able to recommence training and taking some clients