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Changing Your Life?
If you’re contemplating a major change, life coach Faith Hill ( suggests a few things to consider: 1 Ensure your life change is aligned with your values. What’s important to you? For example, being close to nature or having plenty
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If You Buy One Thing This Month
Fragrances have a unique power to conjure up feelings, emotions and images. Psychologist Suzy Reading explains, ‘They can instantly connect us with positive memories, thereby changing the way we feel. Also, our preferred perfume makes us stand tall a
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Feeling Hungry?
Have a big glass of water. Or try a snack that‘s under 100 calories: ✢ 2tbsp Greek yogurt with a handful of raspberries ✢ An oatcake with a dried fig ✢ 1 medjool date with 1tsp nut butter ✢ A square of dark chocolate and a few salted peanuts ✢ An a