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Marble worktop £4,116 Spray painting £2,500 Flooring £2,111 Fridge freezer £1,949 Additional cabinetry (including island) £1,387 Sink and tap £777 Wall paint £200 Wall tiles £156 Architects Design Squared, 020 7739 7287, designsquaredarchitec
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Jen Guest
‘Previously the dining room had only been used for eating and we knew it could be so much more if we opened it into the kitchen, so we took out a wall and now we spend most of our time in here. It cost around £1,500, including the builder and the str
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Intu has released a touchless kitchen tap. With an infrared sensor, a mere wave of your hand turns the tap on and off, so germs festering on your handle can be a thing of the past. Vision IR two in one spray touchless tap, £199 Patterned shower pane