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1 Dummy launcher pack RRP: £119

It is important to keep up your dog’s training in the close season and with this dummy pack you have everything you

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How To Tell If Your Gun Fits You:
Are you experiencing pain or bruising in your face, shoulder or second finger of your trigger hand? Practising your mount in a mirror — are you having to adjust to align your eye over the rib? Closed eye gun mount — mount your gun on a ceiling corn
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Native Britain
Latin name: Glechoma hederacea Common name: Ground ivy Other names: Alehoof, blue runner, candlesticks, cat’s paws, creeping charlie, crow’s guts, devil’s candlestick, field balsam, gill-go-by-the-street, hayfoot, hedge maids, hen and chickens, rob
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Country Diary
It has been a time of huge change here. Our suckler herd is now fading into memory. And the patchwork of stubble, plough and grass we once had at this time of year, with our old mixed beef and arable operation, has given way to a sea of grass. I woul