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Your favourite mascot from Tolkien’s epic fantasy series is back, and he’s got a radical

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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition3 min letti
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood
Regardless of whether you’re familiar with the World Of Darkness tabletop RPGs or not, the idea of running around as a werewolf is enticing, right? Strong, fast, 100% genuine and cruelty-free fur coat… what a combo. Despite clear signs of a limited b
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min letti
INFO FORMAT PS4 PRICE TBC ETA Out now PUB Devolver Digital DEV Skeleton Crew Studios PLAYERS 1 Shipwrecked on a remote island, how would you try to survive long enough to return home? For fisherman Faraday all hope rests upon a magical harpoon he’s
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
Anno: Mutationem
FORMAT PS5, PS4 / PLAYERS 1 DEV THINKINGSTARS Was Cyberpunk 2077 not anime enough for you? This has you covered. Merging 2D pixel art sprites with voxel backgrounds, you play as Ann, a fighter with a hacker sidekick. From weapons to chips, there are