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Get the scoop on summer’s essential food, from gourmet to not-so-plain vanilla, p. 36.

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Patrick Bouquett, Marketing Executive
YOU’RE KNOWN AS “THE FABULOUS MR. PATRICK.” WHAT OTHER WORDS DESCRIBE YOU? Fantastic, flamboyant, and finesse! YOU FORGOT ONE—PHILANTHROPIC. Before I started emceeing the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration fashion show, I volunteered as a teen bac
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Our Favorite Houses
BEFORE EVANS Woollen designed some of Indy’s best midcentury-modern homes, he experimented with round, pointy-roof huts called “trulli” houses in the Puglia region of Italy. His young clients, Joan and Jordan Leibman, knew they wanted a Woollen creat
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The Cult Of Avriel
ON MOTHER’S DAY 2018, we found ourselves gleefully homeless. A friend of a friend texted an offer to buy our (off-market) midcentury-modern home for a “we’ll-get-out-tomorrow-for-this-figure” price. That night, my wife and I sat on the couch with a l