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How It Works1 min lettiChemistry
How Superconductors Work So Efficiently
Superconductors are metals – such as lead – or oxides which conduct electricity with no resistance. There’s just one catch – to display their superpowers, they need to be kept at a frosty -265 degrees Celsius, or thereabouts. Peer inside a chunk of l
How It Works1 min letti
Armour Options
Since the Humvee was introduced, soldiers have demanded increasingly more protection from it. Early versions had fabric doors and no roof, but the demands of combat in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrated the need for improved armour for the ve
How It Works2 min lettiNature
Air Pressure Makes Everest ‘Shrink’
Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world at almost 8,849 metres above sea level, but sometimes it feels like the second tallest. That’s because the mountain’s air pressure fluctuates significantly throughout the year, a recent study found,