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Educating Motorists
I found the article by Mary Colwell both interesting and informative regarding the decline of the curlew (At the heart of curlew recovery, 14 April). However, there is one area I think that has been left out and that is quite important, so pertinent
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RSPB NI ‘exploits’ wildfire
BASC has accused the RSPB of using a devastating wildfire in Northern Ireland for its own political advantage. The fire, which is believed to have been deliberately and illegally started, spread across the Mourne Mountains, destroying an Area of Outs
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Typical Rifles Of Their Eras:
1840s Dickson two-groove percussion 1850s Purdey Express percussion 1860s Henry falling-block centrefire 1870s–1900s Farquharson falling-block centrefire 1910s Mannlicher-Schönauer bolt action 1920s Rigby (Mauser) bolt action 1950s Parker-Hale