Ceramics: Art and Perception

What Makes a Potter: Functional Pottery in America Today by Janet Koplos

I opened the book after receiving it in the mail, the equivalent of you picking it up in a bookshop and looking through it. My first thought was this is an echo of Gerry William’s extensive interviews with potters for Studio Potter magazine. Here are fifty interviews with potters, following a short introduction and raison d’être by Koplos. As the subtitle says, it’s a book about useful pottery, mostly what used to be known as domestic ware, for use with food and drink; the kind of pottery where the product is described as a plate, or a bowl, or a mug and has no need for fancy titles.

A flick through with a closer look here and there reveals potters talking about their lives in plain language. There are no signs of artspeak. That is an excellent beginning suggesting that the book is readable. It’s a book mainly of words, not pictures although there is a black and white portrait of each potter, and a single page of colour images illustrates their pots;

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Ceramics: Art and Perception9 min letti
Take It Out Of The Garden
Red, ruddy, rubicund, rosy, the earth at its most vivified, vital and vibrant: the ubiquitous and heartening ‘baked earth’ that is terracotta appears in all spheres of daily experience. It is a material of diverse character. Terracotta is everywhere.
Ceramics: Art and Perception18 min letti
Mary Law: Forthright
Mary Law is an urban potter who has long lived in a mixed residential-commercial neighborhood in Berkeley, California that includes a number of other ceramists. She was shaped by a workshop with Karen Karnes and an apprenticeship with production pott
Ceramics: Art and Perception12 min letti
The Flavor of Fire: An Approach to Flashing in Wood-Fired Kilns
Over twelve years ago I quit my university teaching job, gave away all my possessions, and relocated to Japan. With no personal connections, no language skills, and very limited resources, I set out determined to change my life, and become a potter i