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FOR THOSE WHO venture outdoors in search of serenity and take joy in the isolation of remote places, there’s value in being able to escape the 24/7 connectivity that dictates modern life. In these moments of peaceful contemplation, we’re able to sift through the clatter and reflect on what’s really important; it isn’t the lack of social media that’ll have us switching on our smart-phones as we re-enter the borders of civilisation, it’s the feeling of being so

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Changing Travel Plans? Go Camping!
JUST BEFORE Christmas I had been up in the mountains of Victoria, south of Corryong, on a fleeting trip on some of the back tracks in the High Country and decided that Viv and I should head up that way for a more leisurely jaunt in the new year. Then
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A Message From Emprise CEO, Rob Gallagher
We are living through extraordinary times. Never has the Australian tourism and RV manufacturing endured such a sustained run of tragic conditions that affect the fabric of these great markets like we are seeing today, let alone the broader impact on
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Suddenly, A New Reality
The determination on what’s possible in this weird age of corona changes hourly. This morning as I write, the United Kingdom went into police-enforced lockdown. By the time you read this, Australia could also be well into adopting similar measures. T