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Henry VI is born

The son of warrior king Henry V and Catherine de Valois, Henry VI was crowned king of both England and France during infancy. He would proceed to oversee England’s final losses in the Hundred Years’ War and famously married the strong and powerful Margaret of Anjou.

6 December 1421

The Kingmaker

Richard Neville, the future Earl of Warwick and one of the most powerful figures in the entire war, is born.

22 November 1428

Margaret of Anjou is born

One of the key players in the Wars of the Roses, Margaret of Anjou, the future wife of King Henry VI, is born to René d’Anjou, Duke of Anjou, and Isabel de Lorraine.

23 March 1430

Jasper Tudor is born

Son of legendary Welsh warrior Owen Tudor, who fought alongside Henry V at Agincourt, he would become a commander and play an important role in establishing Henry Tudor as king. 1431

Future Yorkist king of

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