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This time of enforced isolation with our families has made us realize a lot of things. We really miss spending time with the family. Keli said it best when she told us during our bedtime prayer and sharing session that her prayer since she was four years old has been answered. Every night, for the past four years, she has been praying that she will have her mommy and daddy with her every day from waking up to sleeping.

The past few weeks have been an answered prayer and she gave us the biggest smile I’ve not seen in her seven years of existence. This made us realize that we are missing out on what is truly important because we are so busy with work, social activities, and the 101 things that we have told ourselves were essential.

This quarantine has shown us a very important realization—we don't need to have so things crowding and occupying our minds. We just need basic essentials: God, family, and food. And we can be happy and contented with.

This is powerful in an age where everyone is trying to get ahead of each other. Suddenly, the world literally stops for us to recalibrate what is really important. It has been a powerful moment of enlightenment.

The speed at which we had been living our lives over the past few years had been unsustainable—traveling, the constant need to be on the move, incapable of stopping and enjoying the simple things in life. This period now has made us appreciate simple moments of being

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