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Horticultural Aide Memoire
In these changing times, the lawn grows much more during the winter than it used to a generation ago. One result is that the surface appears uneven at this time of year. A light initial trim is indicated. Now that the rotary mower is back from its an
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Good Week For
The population of this Icelandic visitor is at an all-time high, up 27% from the last count French scientists have discovered a means of cultivating the prized Italian white truffle, which retails at €5,000 per kg (£4,348). It could soon be produced
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Keep Badgering On
THERE is no practice,’ according to the 18th-century agricultural reformer Sir John Sinclair, ‘which tends to renovate the constitution more than a temporary retirement to the country.’ How right he was. With the exception of a dental appointment, I