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Darien Jacket Light
An ultralight Darien Jacket and Pants would make a great urban riding tool (...we said to ourselves). So, we build them just this way, using a tough, HT200D Nylon GORETEX fabric. lightweight - tougher than ordinary nylon fabrics of similar weight off
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Pan To The Price Tag
I AM WEARING A $449 shirt as I write this.And no, it’s not a dress garment from Lazartigue. It is an item of motorcycle clothing and it comes from Vilnius, in Lithuania. Bear, I can hear you ask, are the Lithuanians such a wealthy folk that they can
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Moving Up
After almost 3 years on busy Parramatta Road, Motorrad Garage is moving to a far more suitable premises at Eastern Creek, where there is plenty of parking right by the door. The new Eastern Creek showroom opened on Tuesday, 1st September. Get there a