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Heavymetal Affair
While most of us can only think of upcycling, this American artist uses scrap metal from old car parts and unused cutlery and turns them into fanciful outdoor sculptures. Sculpture specialist, Brian Mock grew up near Portland, Oregon in the United St
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Product Picks
Suitable for cats over 12 weeks old, Rolf Club 3D Spot-On offers protection from nine types of external parasites. These include ticks, fleas (at all stages of development), lice, withers, mosquitoes and midges. The protective effect against ticks co
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Did You Know
• Bengals don’t really meow, in fact, they make more of barky sound, like that of a dog. Apart from that, they love to play fetching and be on a leash, virtually defying all characteristics of a cat.• The Bengal Cat’s name comes from the scientific n