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KM4CZN Receives First Carole Perry Educator of the Year Award

ngineering and technology teacher Melissa Pore, KM4CZN, was presented with the (Photo A). Pore said she was inspired by the award and is determined to live up to its criteria and values.

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The Listening Post
Unfortunately, due to a computer error, Gerry Dexter’s usual monthly “shortwavelet” news bytes are off the air this month. Gerry sends his profound apologies to the shortwave listener (SWL) community and says that he should be back up and running in
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Math’s Notes
A Non-Metallic Amateur Antenna In past columns we have touted the exploration of tera-hertz (THz) frequencies as interesting portions of the electromagnetic spectrum ideal for experimentation. While writing about these, we occasionally suggested lase
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Looking Ahead
Here are some of the articles we’re working on for upcoming issues of CQ: • CW Results: 2020 CQ World Wide DX Contest• From RDC to PGC (and what that means!)• My Dipole Has Gain!• A Hammock Yagi Upcoming Special Issues: June: Take it to the Field Oct