Confession time: I’ve wanted to visit Seattle ever since I first saw Grey’s Anatomy. If this rainy city at the tippy-top of north-west America was filled with men who looked like McDreamy and McSteamy, I figured I would be in heaven (conveniently forgetting that I am, in fact, happily married).

But then my obsession with Grey’s waned and I forgot about wanting to shop at Pike Place Market, or riding the Seattle Wheel, and seeing the house where grunge legend Kurt Cobain lived and died.

That was until last year when I found myself in the city at the rump end of a 10-day Trafalgar Adventures in the Wild Northwest tour.

We arrive in Seattle the way everyone should – on a ferry, crossing the big blue scoop of Puget Sound with the city’s high-rises splayed out in front of us, begging to be Instagrammed.

Seattle is a city brought to us by the

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