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SIKA HAS HAD some downtime after the shooting season and is now being brought back into training. She did fantastically for her first season, picking warm game, being totally steady to shot, hunting under control and recalling consistently around game. We now really need to tighten up the stop whistle and handling.

I am going to start with a basic stop whistle. Over the past few weeks, I have been watching various novice handlers with their dogs. The stop whistle in particular seems to be a hard one to crack. This is generally because handlers will try to get too much distance, or ask for the stop around big distractions too soon, so the dog immediately learns

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Shooting Times & Country2 min letti
The Seeds Of Discomfort
As the hay fever season fades away, so the grass-seed season takes over. The first affects me (though not as much as it used to), while the second is a concern for the dogs. All dogs are vulnerable to grass seeds, especially spaniels with hairy ears
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Capercaillie Rescue Mission
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The Need For Tweed
Ten years ago, I was invited by a Scandinavian clothing brand to cover the launch of a new range of sporting clothing. The grand unveiling would take place at a sporting lodge in Sweden, and there would be an opportunity to trial the clothing during