I used to fear road trips; I’d avoid them at all costs. I knew that I was missing out on stunning new scenery and timeless memories, but I still forego travel. It wasn’t the usual fears that plagued me—driving, bears, the unknown—I was worried about whether or not I’d have a gym to sweat at. I was fretting about breakfast: Would it be healthy enough? Would I get enough protein? Would I have to—heaven forbid—miss a workout? That’s right: it was a fear of losing fitness.

As someone who spent many years battling disordered eating habits (binge, purge,

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Falling For Oklahoma
The 77-foot waterfall at Turner Falls Park, Oklahoma, is a wild thing to see during the summer while it’s raging, cascading frantically over a rock wall. In winter, it’s calm and majestic, like an ice sculpture resting as the centerpiece of the park
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Swap Your Gas Pedal For A Paddle
Needing to recharge my batteries and disconnect from the reality of pandemic life, I returned to the Midwest (the place of my childhood) and also to Mother Nature. After driving from the Twin Cities through Duluth and along Lake Superior on Route 61,
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Picture This...
THE COLD AIR BITES AT YOUR NOSE and your breath catches in your throat as you gaze out at the expanse of hoodoos rising out of fresh snow. The winter sun casts slender shadows across the evergreens, and you’re reminded of how, in time, the snow will