I used to fear road trips; I’d avoid them at all costs. I knew that I was missing out on stunning new scenery and timeless memories, but I still forego travel. It wasn’t the usual fears that plagued me—driving, bears, the unknown—I was worried about whether or not I’d have a gym to sweat at. I was fretting about breakfast: Would it be healthy enough? Would I get enough protein? Would I have to—heaven forbid—miss a workout? That’s right: it was a fear of losing fitness.

As someone who spent many years battling disordered eating habits (binge, purge,

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Eat, Pray, Love: Road-trip Edition
My mother, on the phone from Los Angeles, said no. “You are not driving across the country by yourself. You will be a target.” I could hear her stop whatever she was doing so she could say “No” again, with even more emphasis. “Rachel Hannah. You are
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My East-coast Road Trip With A German Stranger
There is a point in every traveler’s life when they are changed. These changes vary; it could be be visiting a spiritual location, diving deep into a new culture, traveling solo for the first time, or making connections with the right people. My chan
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Some Trouble With Bugs, Then A Soothed Soul
In the late spring of 2017, I needed the sort of relief that my Philadelphia neighborhood wasn’t capable of giving me: quiet. Solitude. Things that were living and green. After a bike accident that shattered my elbow, the realization that we’d moved