Mysterious Ways

Five Things to Do to Discover Your Inner Mystic

First thing in the morning works best for me. I’ve found that a half hour is ideal, if I can manage it. Committing to it every day is important. You

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Mysterious Ways3 min letti
Motor Miracles
STOW, OHIO It was Sunday, after church. My two young sons babbled excitedly in their car seats as we inched forward in a line of cars heading out of the church’s parking lot. My wife’s car was still parked; she’d volunteered to stay behind to help cl
Mysterious Ways1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
His Humorous Ways
I was driving on a dark and winding mountain road, trying not to panic. I had recruited my parents to join me on a weekend business retreat, and we’d gotten off to a late start. Then I’d made the mistake of following my GPS into the mountains. Now he
Mysterious Ways2 min letti
Wings And A Prayer
I heard the front door to our apartment open and walked over to see my mom returning home from the laundromat. She had tears in her eyes. “Mom,” I said, “what’s wrong?” “I’m so sorry, Sara, but I lost your butterfly necklace while doing the laundry.