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It’s all coming together. An enemy unit has strayed just a little too close to the edge of the plateau on which we’re fighting. I’ve had my war monk lurking just a few spaces away for a few turns, waiting for exactly this kind of opportunity.

I move him into position behind his opponent, and then instruct him to flip his victim

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Controller Support
Throwing the wheel into full lock can instantly correct a handbrake turn. Clamber out of your car toward a slick new ride parked on the street. A rear-wheel burnout can get you moving fast, but watch out for oversteer. ■
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Dean Hall is on fire. That’s not a metaphor – his character is engulfed in flames. As Hall runs around looking for water I quickly craft a long-handled tool called a ‘fire whacker’ which is basically a broom. Another player and I whomp Hall repeatedl
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Honest Abe
It’s easy to root for Abe. The Mudokons have been enslaved for centuries by the Glukkons. Mudokons are worked to the bone, drugged and punished for any insubordination. It is up to one Mudokon to spark an insurrection and free his people from their c