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It’s all coming together. An enemy unit has strayed just a little too close to the edge of the plateau on which we’re fighting. I’ve had my war monk lurking just a few spaces away for a few turns, waiting for exactly this kind of opportunity.

I move him into position behind his opponent, and then instruct him to flip his victim

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A Total War Saga: Troy
Two armies hold opposing ends of a battlefield. The sun’s out – it’s a nice day for a fight – and in the background sits a city, nestled behind stalwart walls. It’s the calm before A Total War Saga: Troy’s storm, but any second now a man dressed up a
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Time Flies
Hanging up my phone on anyone who calls. Killing myself to change the time of day. Losing a lot of money in the casino online. Winning a little money in the online casino. Doing a real mission. Shooting out car tires from a roof. Trying on outfits bu
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Graphics Cards
There’s no component more crucial to a gaming PC than a graphics card. It’s the heart of any system that favours frame rate and fidelity above all else, and that’s why it’s of the utmost importance to leave aside plenty of budget and choose wisely wh