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Keep a level head

we go to press, the Prime Minister has announced travel restrictions to help stem the spread of COVID-19. It’s a worrying time for all of us

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What They Mean
Performance after investment fees. Investment returns after investment fees annualised to describe each fund’s returns per annum. But if your managed fund achieves a high return and charges you an extra “performance fee”, Rainmaker has not taken this
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Where I Would Invest $10k
Investing in any climate is not easy, but the pandemic has made it challenging. The key for all of us in making a decision is risk and timeframe. So if I wanted access to my money inside a year or two, it is easy. I’d go for a term deposit. But I am
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Not Everyone Is A Winner
One of the biggest dilemmas for ETF investors is which active manager to choose. While some active funds have performed strongly in the past, Stock-spot CEO Chris Brycki says you can’t count on that continuing. He says an Australian share index ETF l