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A year in, it’s the athleticism of Apex Legends that elevates it above its FPS and battle royale peers. Apex contains a decathlon worth of verbs: crouch-slides, dropship nosedives, trampoline leaps, zipline ambushes. These moves

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PC Powerplay2 min letti
Resident Evil 2
Wes: This is just primo grade-A videogame, right here. Capcom updated a classic, tightly designed game with smooth modern action and managed to retain the low-level anxiety and occasional bursts of terror that early Resident Evil excelled at. As the
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10 Is The Magic Number
It’s been five long years since Intel’s very first 14nm CPUs came to market. That’s worth repeating. It’s taken fully five years for Intel to roll out the 10nm successor to its 14nm production node. This from the company that has led the industry in
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Outer Wilds
Rachel: I’ve put my janky little wooden spaceship through hell in Outer Wilds. Crashing into planets, plummeting into black holes, botching up landings, and spinning wildly through the void is all part of the joyful experience of exploration. I’ve lo