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Ageing is inevitable – OR IS IT?

Ageing is a disease that can be cured

Many of us believe that ageing brings a slide into ill health, loss of mobility and mental decline. According to Dr David Sinclair, Harvard researcher and author of Lifespan: Why we age – and why we don’t have to, this view is out-dated. In fact, Dr Sinclair believes that ageing is a disease, like cancer and diabetes, and should be treated as such.

Dr Sinclair explains that in the past, diseases like cancer and diabetes were considered inevitable. Due to medical breakthroughs this is no longer the case and the Australia-born genetics expert believes the same will be true for ageing.

“Being a natural problem doesn’t make it inevitable and it sure doesn’t make it acceptable.”

‘Ageing is quite simply a loss of information’

While the idea that we don’t need to age may seem too good to be true, Dr Sinclair’s research has resulted in the development of a unique theory of why we age which he calls the “Information theory of ageing”. He explains that for over 10 years, leading scientists have researched the “hallmarks” of ageing such as the shortening of telomeres (the protective endcaps of our chromosomes) and

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