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The Writer6 min letti
Fall Off The Log
As I write this, we’re on the eve of an important election here in the United States. I’ve done very little today, and I think tomorrow may be a wash as well. These are the kinds of days when it is super hard to concentrate. But these are also the ki
The Writer5 min letti
The final spellcheck
IT should go without saying that any manuscript that we submit for publication should be so free of sin and error that it will go straight to heaven the very second that the end comes. Perfection should be baseline. Or, at least, near-perfection. I w
The Writer10 min letti
Zoom-onomics 101
I don’t think I really knew what Zoom was until I needed to take a crash course in it in order to teach my first pandemic-era Novel Writing class at The Gotham Writers Workshop. The very day that Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that all public buildi