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IN December last year former star gave birth to her first son Rox with boyfriend Casey Johnson; and now she’s bounced her body back, having said in a recent interview, adding that her specialist warned the antibiotics to treat the UTI would get rid of all the good bacteria. “So she [the doctor] told me to cut out all sugar, drink loads of water, eat loads of fruit, eat loads of greens – which I’ve never done in my life.” The bacterial infection also prevented from performing basic motherly duties. “I was in so much pain I was basically bed-bound for weeks on end,” she continued. “I couldn’t even change his nappy because I couldn’t stand. It was a struggled to feed him. It was so hard because I couldn’t do all the normal things a mom does for her baby. The doctor told me I had lost so much blood and my immune system was so low.” In reality TV tradition, traumatic 28-hour labour and birth will be included in the new series of , in which she stars.

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